Unlike the corruptible Scriptures, Gospel is writt

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Unlike the corruptible Scriptures, Gospel is written over the living Tablets of hearts - 4 Scriptural Milk is gulped by many whilst the Gospel Meat is Chewed by the Chosen Ones who are pre-destined of our Father. Scriptures of Moses is Milk for the Too...

Unlike the corruptible Scriptures, Gospel is written over the living Tablets of hearts - 4 Scriptural Milk is gulped by many whilst the Gospel Meat is Chewed by the Chosen Ones who are pre-destined of our Father. Scriptures of Moses is Milk for the Toothless Babies whilst Gospel of God delivered by Christ Jesus is for the adults capable of Chewing the Meat, the Body of Jesus to extract the Blood of Christ. Scriptures are compared to Milk as the spiritual once born babies of different ages love to read the Scriptures and argue over them. Such people are called school boys controlled by their School Masters Rabbis, Dog-Collared Priests, University Professors of letters, etc who themselves are spiritually blind and they produce spiritually blind Dog-Collared Hireling Priests in the Churches. They are like the Blind Guides leading the blind into the Pits of sectarian riots that kill many as they fight on the basis of falsehoods, that are sweeter than honey. Such spiritually blind people read the New Testament in the manners of Scriptures and take it for the Milk whereas the New Testament is the Body of Jesus, the Living Bread, the Real Meat that needs to be Chewed with Teeth, the power of logical thinking based upon holy spirit that could be analogised to Teeth that the grown up Children possess. In this case, the person has to be twice born of spirit capable of Pondering, Chewing, over His Word, the Meat, the Body of Jesus. It is on Chewing this Meat that you extract the Nector called Gospel. So, Gospel is hidden under the Scriptures or the letters of the New Testament. Even the Scriptures of the written Torah you cannot understand without holy spirit. This is said that Moses put on Christ and wrote Torah. That is why Christ Jesus at 12, a mature School Boy was explaining to the Doctors of Law the hidden basis of their Moral Laws. Prophet Elijah, that was John, the Baptist had also Christ in His Heart whilst teaching or applying the Moral Laws as expected of an Ideal Rabbis - Matt.13.v52. Because the Workers of Christ Jesus belong to the Light of Sun against the Rabbis to the light of Moon, the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than the Prophet Elijah, John, the Baptist. These days we have men of Letters dried of the holy spirit and we have a situation worse than that Christ Jesus met at Jerusalem, the Centre of Learning as we have today these Universities like Oxford and Cambridge. So, these University Professors being drunk with the Old Wine of the Letters of both the Old and the New Testaments desireth not the New Wine that I Brew using common sense or holy spirit. The result, such Professors hate me more than the Jerusalem Rabbis, Pharisees, etc and they would shun questions from me. Making drunk with the Old Wine of the Letters is like keeping the people like babies without teeth and just Feeding them on Milk. Such babies would only know what is written and the hidden Gospel they hate. The Anti Christs of today are worst than those Temple Priests, Matt.12.v43-45. Such Professors enjoy riding over the Babies with Pomp and Show that impresses the Babies without common sense. Those who are capable of Chewing the Meat and extracting the Nector Gospel Truth are hated by these Robed in Silk Blind Guides of the Blind. Sectarian riots in Ireland and other countries are their creation and Russia is experiencing them now after letting these Anti Christs lose in the society whose hearts were cleansed by the communist Party Leaders. In short, as Milk cannot be Chewed but gulped and so the people are gulping the New Testament, the Body or Meat of Jesus and not enjoying the Blood of Christ, the life giving Gospel, the Essence of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. Our Salvation is through His Word and not through Christ Jesus as these spiritually Blind people worship his statue and address Him Lord, God, what not. Icons or Idols are of the Satan and not of Christ Jesus, Whose Meat is Life Giving Gospel that brings Salvation. So, let us wake up and work hard to set the blind Free of the Clutches of these silken robed Anti Christs, the Royal Anti Christs against the Temple Priests that used to be just Anti Christs. As Gospel is received by the grace of our Father, our Main Support is our Father and with His Authority in mind, we Preach Gospel with authority as our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus did Preach Gospel. As most of the people are groved into the old ideas, they will resist the New Wine and hate you for the sake of our Brother Christ Jesus. That is why Christ Jesus said, Unless you renounce your mother and father, you cannot seek the Light. Your own family members would hate you. Christ Thomas Said, One in thousand and two in Ten thousands would seek Gospel. So, Gospel is not that CHEAP. God our Father Bless you and use every mean to spread the Light. We do not seek praises of men but we glorify our Father with no obligation.

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