PIHA Ghost of the Family Shoe Store

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Built in 1913, the Family Shoe Store Building is the oldest building in downtown Port Angeles, if not the entire city, with possibly the most colorful and diverse history ever.

The building originally sat over tide flats and in 1913-1914, the building was raised to meet street grade. The lot, however, remains at its original elevation. High tides still creep under the building , which served the bootleggers well during prohibition. Using the cover of night they ferried liquor across the Strait from Victoria B.C., Canada and maneuvered under the streets. Then buried the contraband in the tide flats below the building. The proprietor then exited the building through a trap door in the floor to retrieve the illegal goods.

About PIHA:

PIHA (Paranormal Investigations of Historic America) is made up of a small group of paranormal investigators that call themselves “The Grey Team”. The tag Grey Team is a reference to the color of their hair and age and has nothing to do with ghost hunting. That simple reference to PIHA is an example of just how different they are from most other paranormal organizations in Washington State.

The Grey Team is made up of only four primary investigators’ and a couple of additional investigators that fills in when required.

Vaughn Hubbard is the founder of PIHA and as the Case Manager/Historian; Vaughn schedules the investigations and is the primary spokesman for PIHA.

Debbie Knapp is the co-owner of PIHA and helped Vaughn launch PIHA after they both left another paranormal group that they belonged to. Debbie functions as the lead investigator for PIHA.

Kathy Gavin also serves as a Senior Investigator and has been with PIHA since its inception. Kathy also rotates with Debbie as the Lead Investigator at these investigations.

Dave is the EVP Specialist with PIHA and is present at most of their investigations. Dave’s first priority is studying and working to understand EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) voices and sounds that are recorded on digital recorders, but usually not heard at the time. Dave’s research into this phenomenon is documented on his website Silent Voices (www.silentvoices.info).

Prior to his retirement from Lockheed’s Shipbuilding Division, Vaughn spent his entire career in engineering, designing and building commercial oil tankers and U.S. Navy ships. Vaughn became interested in paranormal investigating after viewing some of the popular shows on TV like Ghost Hunters. “I saw and heard some remarkable things being recorded on these televised investigations and just had to find out for myself they really existed or not. They do!” Vaughn goes on to say that “For me, it’s all about the physics of these phenomena and not the metaphysical”.

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