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SHOCKUMENTARY Hip Hop Exposed Part 1


  • Kraftdinner#

    Kraftdinner August 23, 2010 7:14:10 AM CEST

    this is a shitumentary.hip hop exposed? Wow high Billboard charting Hip Hop acts are Masons how shocking. Hip hop anit just jay z, lil wayne, rick ross, m&m,and the rest of the circus.Its not even hard to find dirt on thows chooches.If you know anything about the music >industry< its all the same in all generas. dont belive the hype.i wouldnt even care if they all where freemason iluminati skull and bones bilderburgs, there music is horrible. i see right through it.i rather listen to crapily recored punk demos. they cant even battle real mc`s, so they are obvious are being payed to make that crap

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