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Ron Paul pwns Sanjay Gupta

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Aug 25, 2010
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  • Tetrahedron#

    Tetrahedron September 2, 2010 9:55:12 PM CEST

    HA! Love it, Ron Paul really sticks it to him. Sanjay is like a character straight out of Wag the Dog.

  • Captainkarizma#

    Captainkarizma August 30, 2010 8:19:36 PM CEST

    go ron go !!! soo sad he is the only politician with a brain

  • Ironshroom#

    Ironshroom August 26, 2010 8:43:35 AM CEST

    this gupta character is a fucking moron."your son said this, what do you have to say?"

  • Skyline08#

    Skyline08 August 26, 2010 5:36:57 AM CEST

    What constitution? Our politicians and our government don't follow the constitution. They are passing all these bs bills that restrict our rights as citizens.

  • Kraftdinner#

    Kraftdinner August 26, 2010 3:02:55 AM CEST

    bah ha , how does Sanja keep dem teeth so white with all that bullshit comin outta his mouth

  • Rahkriga#

    Rahkriga August 26, 2010 2:28:43 AM CEST

    why? hes doing the EXACT same thing obama did. HE'S JUST SAYING WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!! Once he gets elected, its business as usual. You guys just dont understand or you forget,that there is no such thing as an honest, truthful, politician. Sorry..Im just tired of playing the dem/repub game. For the past 20 years, none the laws passed have effected those in my area in a positive way. Never have seen a demo or a repub come and look at what is happening and try to help. There are whole pockets of this country that are forgotten about. I dont hear ron paul or anybody else speaking on this. I bet you guys dont know that there are whole towns IN AMERICA that dont have running water. Politics disgusts me ....and the fact that they dont even attempt to solve any of the real problems irks me bad

  • Curtow24#

    Curtow24 August 25, 2010 6:25:40 PM CEST

    Ron Paul for President... CNN is the total propaganda... Sanjay gupta has such a big smile because he knows hes getting paid well, but a small spot in his mind he knows he's wrong.

  • Probablysane#

    Probablysane August 25, 2010 4:16:45 PM CEST

    Distraction, distraction. distraction ;)

  • Captchaos#

    Captchaos August 25, 2010 2:22:54 PM CEST

    Kanaeta, good find & thanks for the post.As for the Vid'Congressman RP you know as well as I that 911 was perpetrated by NWO politicians, but that's another topic. This is America and we Have a constitution that we fallow as citizens. You protesters they have the rite to build as long as they are justified by the courts. You protesters/fellow Americans have been feed lies subliminally to believe that All Islam needs to be stopped.Get a grip people.

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