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More Proof 2012 & End Times Are Here?

  • Dmtshaman
  • uploaded: Jun 27, 2008
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  • Shibbydougy#

    Shibbydougy December 31, 2009 6:44:41 AM CET

    American media at its best! Fabricating a ridiculous story about how a whole civilized nation has turned into paranoid freaks that are preparing for the end of the world. They most probably found some hermit dutch guy living in a forest doing exactly what they said, and thought it could really shit-up the folks back home if they convinced them that a whole country was flipping out. After all, if millions of people are involved, and not some loner forest crackhead, then something must be up right? Or in FOX's subliminal undertone, 'PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC, and now SHIT YOURSELF PANIC PANIC PANIC AHHHHHHHHHHH YOU MIGHT POSSIBLY DIE!'This is not the first, nor would it be the last, FOX News discussion that has had made me want to inflict floods of pain on those pompous low life arrogant a'holes. It's these kinds of instances of gross insanity and blatant insult that gives the States and Americans a poor reputation across the globe.I hope people over in the States can see through this kind of BS and realise that it only exists to inject fear into them, thus strengthening their twisted dominance of the American psyche.Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Those who Sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither". Meaning, don't let yourselves get bullied by these miscreant, soulless bastards. You have a beautiful country built on even more beautiful principles, and no one should ever be able to steal your right to be a true American in the land of freedom.(For the record, I'm half French and half American; born in the Netherlands... Hence my vexing at such a disgusting display of American Media 'Magic', for at the end of the day, they are crafty masters, spinning fantastical illusions to trick and captivate the audience's minds)Great post as always Dmtshaman, and keep up the good work!

  • Esoteric#

    Esoteric February 17, 2009 11:05:46 PM CET

    hello everyone...this vid was posted in the comment of another vid a week ago here on DTV, there i commented and will do it here again;the coorporation called USA is very good at making PROPAGANDA, like everybody here should know.i aswell am from the Netherlands and nobody here is preparing for anything, these clowns in this vid are talking about things not matching annybodys reality over here.i like the american population, but as a country it makes me puke, and i could never live in such a terrible place, LEAVE while you still can my american friends, please..

  • Blackbarbie#

    Blackbarbie September 9, 2008 4:43:28 PM CEST

    dodgy haha

  • Cyberfloater#

    Cyberfloater August 15, 2008 9:28:45 PM CEST

    Dikke LOL

  • Thepassenger#

    Thepassenger August 15, 2008 1:41:38 AM CEST

    fox and friends is the most condescending dribble on television news ! All they do is act superior, and make cute little underhanded comments directed at progressive minded people.

  • Smileydevil420#

    Smileydevil420 July 28, 2008 7:25:52 PM CEST

    thanks for posting a video with a emergency broadcast interruption

  • Buruc#

    Buruc June 28, 2008 2:56:56 PM CEST

    This is strange. I am Dutch and i have no idea what there talking about. what you said might be true but maybe it a form of disinformation. i would sure like to know what she said during the beeping.

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