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  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 October 3, 2010 6:59:45 AM CEST

    Good Series 5 Stars! This Plan You Are Referring To Is Know As "Project Cloverleaf" but what has been proven is that it atleast has 2 plans and maybe more. The first plan has to do with high altitude spraying to try and deflect damaging rays from the sun and to luckily (like finding a 4 leaf clover) lower the temp of the planet by a few degrees so that the next few generations might actualy have a chance at growing food and living above ground and not having to go subterranean from increased solar activity,radiation and heat. This is why so many seed banks are being setup, some in very cold frozen locations to protect them.While the politicians argue over the reality of global warming and how much to tax people to breath with the carbon tax, whether you or I believe in global warming or not the actual powers that be have been worried about this for a while prosumably because they make decisions from a differerent set of data or knowledge base not seen by the public.The second plan is lower altitude spraying as part of our secret military stealth technology projects and secret black projects to prevent movement or detection of air and ground based stealth craft from the newer over flying cloud & ground penetrating spy satelittes used by other countries military and even to keep secrets from some of our own secret agencies that work without any oversight. By creating a fake cloud these cloud penetrating satelittes cant see through the fake clouds and the data gets deflected again and produces a blurry image that these agencies then cant use against us. There maybe more plans but so far these are the two disclosed plans and alot of the other stuff found online is most likely dis-info put out by cia and other agencies to mislead rogue nations from whats really going on.Great post!

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