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Very Creepy Evil Ghost Eyes Video

  • Mousemy
  • uploaded: Jun 29, 2008
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Hereâ??s some excellent ghost footage! This guy is filming his dogs, but then gets up to take his dogs outside. He sets the camera down briefly but leaves it running. Heâ??s only gone a few seconds, but in that time a dark figure - most likely a ghost or shadow person - comes into view and quickly ducks into a dark room. Soon thereafter, a picture on the wall begins to sway. But, the creepy part is the glowing eyes that are visibile in the doorway of the next room. Thereâ??s something evil about them, but I canâ??t quite place it. I donâ??t know about you, but Iâ??d be moving out of that house. As always, turn the lights down low and enjoy this haunting ghost video.

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  • Jesssherree#

    Jesssherree March 10, 2012 7:02:02 AM CET

    also when it zooms in you can see the guys arm haha

  • Jesssherree#

    Jesssherree March 10, 2012 6:42:59 AM CET

    animals have a great sence so if this was real the dogs would of senced something and started going weird which they didnt.. if you look closly at the 'eyes' one looks longer than the other..

  • Mrduncan32#

    Mrduncan32 January 10, 2012 11:08:29 PM CET

    No I did not see the picture nove,,, But I did see the green eye's blink...

  • Werewolf72#

    Werewolf72 May 25, 2011 1:47:20 AM CEST

    I saw something and yes it was creepy

  • Chessmassacre#

    Chessmassacre December 5, 2010 7:03:22 PM CET

    Yeah, why would a picture on the wall have to move? A ghost wouldnt have mass therefore no external gravitational pull or influence. It doesn't even move when the "real" person walks by which suggests that a ghost has more mass than a flesh and blood human. This is obviously a fake, y muy estupido.!

  • Rknrrbbn1#

    Rknrrbbn1 October 27, 2010 6:09:43 AM CEST

    did you see the pic on wall move?

  • Grunge420#

    Grunge420 October 19, 2010 11:31:17 PM CEST

    First, any idiot can figure out this video is spurious. You can clearly tell that the "eyes" are nothing more than glares. You can even see another glare above the "eyes". Second, Glphil, who are you to tell another not to speak his mind? That's true bowdlerization, nazi! Learn to think before you speak bacause you'll just end up speaking hypocritically as you did here. I agree with Kenny 100%. Everyone and their damn cousin are posting these time wasting videos and they are insulting. Why not hang a white sheet from the ceilig, video tape it and claim it's a ghost?

  • Glphil#

    Glphil September 27, 2010 6:57:30 AM CEST

    Think... Do you know what you're asking for?? And you, just might whine the loudest if you got it. I keep having to remind people...IT'S CALLED CENSORSHIP!!! Who would you suggest call the shots?? YOU????? Maybe I want to see the stuff YOU don't!! You can't have it both ways... If you want freedom of speech, freedom of expression and a free media, THE PRICE YOU HAVE TO PAY IS SOMETIMES HAVING TO PICK THE DIAMONDS FROM THE DUST. Sometimes you have to do some of the work, to get something that YOU value. Don't expect someone to do it for you, 'cuz what they got probably ain't what you want! CAPICHE??

  • Lonnie#

    Lonnie September 3, 2010 5:31:09 PM CEST

    I think the glowing eyes could be the lights on a clock radio. The shadow moving across the doorway and the moving picture are very interesting. But who knows if it's real...things are so easy to "set up" to look authentic.

  • Kennyforever#

    Kennyforever August 30, 2010 12:24:04 PM CEST

    Kick this Creep of this site.or it will enter a Utube state,we want to be challenged not insulted.

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