UFO Evidence: Triangular Ground Trace

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Sep 4, 2010
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Very important, please read: This very strange marking was noticed by witness Derek Bridges in a field near his Overton, Hampshire, UK, home, not long after the corn was harvested.
Very little seems to grow within.
It is a perfect triangle, almost as big as "Stealth jet".
Could this have something to with the ufo cattle abduction that he witnessed and filmed earlier this year? (see elsewhere on this YT inexplicata channel for footage of event).
Derek certainly thinks something very wierd has touched down here right enough...so why did no one else see this?..well no one even saw the ufo cattle abduction event either...yet it happened and 2 dead cows were reported being found dead on this farm next day, according to their pa after we phoned around on Derek's behalf.
Without our knowing, this witness, (bravely if rather foolishly), even went into the trianglular clearing and said that it made him feel very strange indeed

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