The 1965 UFO Crash and Retrieval Pennsylvania P4/5

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In this program we will be educated in the strange events that occured in the sleepy and lonely town of Kecksburg,Pennsylvania on the date of Decmber 9th, 1965.

According to many residents of the town they saw an acorn shaped object crash land in a wooded area which they clkaimed had hieroglyphic carvings on it's mettalic body.

An Astronomer by the name of Von Del Chamberlain came out to the public and claimed the object was nothing more than a meteorite. A NASA employee named James Oberg came out and claimed that it was a failed Russian probe yet he chaged his personal opinion and now believes it was a meteorite. It has been known as the "Pennsylvania Roswell" by local residents but the ongoing debate over whether it was a UFO,, meteorite, or another type of anomally continuously went on until late Decmber of 2003.

On this time period NASA released 39 previously classified papers as well as the Air Force doing the same but in their move they released 2,800 pages of material on the actual case files. The files all stated that the object was nothing more than a Russian probe. UFO entusiasts still do not buy this story, witnesses who saw the object fall from the sky and actually saw it in the woods are absolutely certain that the object was NOT a Russian probe or meteorite. They believe it was a crashed object of unknown origin and they are absolutely certain the Government and Military are concealing knowledge of this from all of the World.

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