Technology In Ancient Egypt & Moon Landings Pt.4/7

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Marcus Allen, the UK publisher and distributor of "Nexus Magazine" join us to discuss his background with Nexus, technology in ancient Egypt, the moon landings and much more. Topics Discussed: Nexus magazine in the UK, Ancient Egypt, John Anthony West, anomalies in the dating of the Sphinx, Difference between granite and lime stone, the great pyramid, the king's chamber and the size of the sarcophagus, how did they get the sarcophagus into the kings chamber? Aswan, the unfinished obelisk, quarries, "rock softening" liquid from the Amazon, Bagdad Battery, water, Brown's Gas, Thor Heyerdahl, Egyptians traveled to South America or vice versa, Columbus, Karnak. Marcus also gives us a overview of his talk at the Beyond Knowledge conference about the NASA moon landings and much more.
April 13, 2008

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