Underground Nuclear Facility And Tunnels 1950's

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In the late 1950s the popular scare was Global Cooling and funding was generous to agencies complying with this belief. Deseret Test Center (DTC) with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed project Camp Century to overtly demonstrate that cities could move to and exist under a polar ice cap which was expected to cover all of North America in the then near future. Besides milking the then Global Cooling "Money Cow," intent was to justify construction of a nuclear reactor in Greenland in the middle of nowhere to covertly power a laser kinetic energy weapon to destroy ufo space alien craft which were frequenting the Greenland and north regions. At the beginning of this documentary you can hear the audio cut at the first mention of nuclear. The public affairs program ends with the installation of the fuel rods and everybody, including the dog, living happily ever after under an ice cap. Note at end they claim to be studying the universe from the camp. Our thanks to DTC Operations for finding this treasure in our ufo research archieves. DTC-PA FOR THE COMMANDER

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