1977 BBC Interrupted by A Real Alien Message?

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Television station gets hijacked on November 26, 1977 in the United Kingdom, ten years before the Max Headroom pirating incident in Chicago. The Ashtar Command interrupted the ITN report. It was mixed with lots of static, and was a rogue transmission (you could hear audio from other stations). Only the audio of ITN was interrupted. The video stayed the same (unfortunately, I only have the audio).

...the messege was from 1977 but relevent for this moment of now...

Transmission of Commander Ashtar Sheran

If this is a hoax, who would have the technology to produce the hijacking of a television station, we cant even do that today. Funny how the government decided to shutdown the analog TV stations and forcing everyone to convert to the digital media they control, are they trying to keep someone or something from us? It took over 30 years for this message to reach our community, what else lies out there to be discovered, even if this message is not extra terrestrial in origin, it has to be channeled by a enlightened being. In 1977 this would have been forgein talk to them for most were not on the path towards enlightenment as we are today. This message resonates in todays time to todays people...take it as you will.

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