Why Easter is celebrated with Easter Egg1?.

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Why Easter is celebrated with Easter Egg1?.



Eggs are used for Easter but why? This is correct as in this Dark Age; you need to use your own mind to take the decision and not to follow any one else blindly. That is why in this Dark Age of Christ, every one is to give his own account to God. No one else can do it for you. But this is also the Age, when Greed dominates the society and for sake of Mammon, people will cheat others leaving them in the lurch. Christ Jesus came to deliver to us His Word and those who have perceived Christ Jesus have perceived our Father. Christ Jesus did not seek His own glory but came here to glorify our Father and so should we do. Temple Priests dressed in impressive silken robes as these Russian Bishops are today, sought their own glories from the once born stupid people called stones incapable of making up their minds whether to go for God and His Word or these Anti Christs dressed in silken robes.

Here I will use the same old Trinity Table to preach Gospel why Easter is associated with Egg? Remember that we have Four spiritual states and they are normally represented by the Four types of living things. Things that are reproduced through seeds, sticks, etc, the vegetation comes under the once born spiritual state ego. Such once born people cannot make up their own minds but rely upon others who can manipulate them as the politicians do. Because they are simpletons and depend upon others for guidance, they cannot be blamed for their misbehaviour as they stoned St.Stephen and others on the instructions of the twice born psychic clever people seeking their own glories such as the Temple Priests and Popes. So, they are forgivable and that is why St.Stephen and others prayed to our Father to forgive them as they do not know what they are doing. Such people are not under the controls of their own minds but some one else is manipulating them. The Twice born people have awakened mind by the grace of our Father and they make their own minds and not depend upon the others. Mind in Punjabi is called MUNN, in Arabic Nafs, in gnosticiism psychic. Now, such people have two choices; either to go for their own praises and glory as Pope and his organisation is or to serve God by preaching Gospel in which you glorify our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. Such people do not put on silken robes but ordinary clothes seeking not their own glory but of our Father. Centurion whose servant was sick and other Samaritans fall into this category. Thus, the twice born people are like the things born of eggs, very agile and good at memorising as fish travels back to its birth place or the birds of the air can find their nests after long travel in search of food. Such are the psychic people seeking their own praises as the politicians are whilst those who are devoted to serve God always ponder over His Word and preach what pleases our Father. Such pneumatic people exercise logical reasoning and they are like the animals born of placenta. Of these human beings are the kings of creation. So, Saints or Apostles are simply dressed in ordinary clothes and not the silken one as they display Saints in Churches dressed in expensive silken clothes. If St.Paul happens to visit such Churches that display his icon dressed in silk, he would not be happy but the Anti Christs are happy churning money in his name. Thus, the Churches of Anti Christs have statues or idols of Christ Jesus, Mary, St.Paul, the Twin Brother of Christ Jesus and other Apostles, the Christs.

The fourth spiritual state is Will called CHITT BIRTI in which whatsoever you willeth, that is done with the Power of our Father. In this category fall the living spirits that have found no rest. Ghosts and visitations of Angels fall into this category. These being not materialistic, no physical laws apply to them. People of Holy Spirit can know them and can control them too as Christ Jesus and His Labourers did in the name of Jesus.

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