Exposition of corruption in Ad-Granth, the Holy Bi

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Exposition of corruption in Ad-Granth, the Holy Bible of the Sikhs - New Skin 3. CORRUPTION IN THE AD-GRANTH, THE SIKH BIBLE EXPLAINED. The Bible has been corrupted by the Messianic Jews, Princes of Darkness, when they bring in the rotten written...

Exposition of corruption in Ad-Granth, the Holy Bible of the Sikhs - New Skin 3.


The Bible has been corrupted by the Messianic Jews, Princes of Darkness, when they bring in the rotten written Torah, the Old Cloth full of holes whilst in India, the people of Khatri tribe, Kings of Darkness, corrupted the Sikh Bible, Ad-Granth to suit their own way of worship than of God. In this Dark Age of Christ or Satguru, you go by your own innerman, the Christ or Satguru. That is what Satguru Nanak Dev Ji stressed in Sidh Ghosht, conversation, that this is the age of revelations and you have to go by your own innerman, ANTAR SATGURU, or the wisdom of Satguru, Christ and not what the people say and you do it blindly. That is, if your mind, MUNN, NAFS, is awakened by the grace of our Father, then use the reasoning powers of your own mind in glorifying God and not to hanker after the secular fame or wealth. Seek His Treasures with the help of your awakened mind. No awakened mind, no Christ or innerman in your heart and no Gospel, His Word or Salvation. Christs appear in this Dark Age to help people attain Salvation by cleansing their hearts of hypocrisy and become impartial like the little children. Now, I have done couple of Videos on the three stages of soul, Ego - hylics, Mind - psychics, Discerning wisdom - pneumatics and His Will or Holy Spirit that is beyond the Trinity. Now, there is a Saying in Ad-Granth:- KONBAE, FIRED POT, BADHHA, CONTAINED, JALL, WATER, RAHAE, IS KEPT; JALL, WATER, BINN, WITHOUT, KONBH, FIRED POT, NA, NOT, HOYAE, MADE. This is a smillie in which two are essential or dependant upon each other. These are Fired Pot and Water. Without water, you cannot bind the clay to create a raw pot. Raw pot cannot contain the water except if it is made strong through baking in fire. Then in the next part of the Saying:- GIAN, the Knowledge of His Word, the Fire that bakes the Raw Pot or seals you to serve God for containing Water, mind. So, GIAN is KONBH, the Fired Pot. The Saying is GIAN KA BADHHA, BINDS OR CONTAINS, MUNN, MIND, RAHAE, STAYS OR KEPT CONTAINED; MUNN, MIND, BINN, WITHOUT , GIAN, THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WORD, NA HOYAE, CANNOT BE ATTAINED. That is without the awakened mind, you cannot understand His Word and get yourself sealed to serve God only, the pneumatics, So, the smillie becomes complete with the two again mentioned in the answer or the second part of the Saying. Same two in the question part, KONBH and JALL; the same two related to them GIAN, KONBH, and MUNN, MIND OR JALL, WATER. Thus, our mind is compared to water that goes in different directions when it is not contained in a container, KONBH. But when a Pot or KONBH has been created by Firing in the Fire of His Word, then the Water, mind, is well contained in the service of God. The sons of Satan, who serve Mammon and they are not the Salt of the earth, no conscience, they change their minds to suit the situation as the psychic politicians or traders do. That is why Christ Thomas Said, "Traders and businessmen cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God as their mind is not God-orientated but Mammon orientated". This applies in general but if you do clean business, then you can Preach Gospel as well and create your own Fired Pot. Thomas went to India and His Labourers were successful businessmen for they will not cheat any one as Quakers became the successful business in Europe. Such people are rare; one in a thousand and two in Ten thousands. I hope I have explained this Saying in detail that has been changed in the second part:- GIAN KA BADHHA MUNN RAHAE; GUR -- CORRUPTION - BINN GIAN NA HOYAE. The corrupted word Gur, a Teacher, was introduced so that these robed hypocrite keep on dominating the simpletons, the stone and turning them into their Bread, lavish living as you can see for yourself. Essence of Christ Jesus is His Word and the Salvation is through His Word and not the idol or statue of Christ Jesus, Mary, Paul, etc. See how the Popes made fool of the people by selling tickets to non-existant heaven but Rest. So, please do not waste your precious life serving Mammon that leads you to cheating, fleecing, etc into Hell but think of our Home as the Fish of the River even returns to its place of birth or the Home. So, we should honour our Righteous Father by doing righteousness in our lives and keeping our Track back to our Father in our minds. It is the same mind that tempts you to unrighteousness of Satan but it is sealed in the Pot to serve God, then it works for God and not for Mammon any more.

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