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In his first book, A Covert Agenda, Nick Redfern disclosed for the first time the startling facts surrounding the British Government's very own top secret UFO reports; and in The FBI Files he revealed the full extent to which the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved in monitoring UFOs throughout the USA.

Now, in his new book, Cosmic Crashes, Nick goes one step further: to break down the barriers of secrecy surrounding the ultimate UFO conspiracy and expose the truth behind what could accurately be described as British Roswells.

Highlights of Nick's illustrated lecture in support of Cosmic Crashes include:

(a) previously-unseen information on the crash of a UFO on British soil during the Second World War - a journalist is informed by a high-ranking source in the British government that a UFO crashed on the England-Scotland border in 1944; alien bodies are found amongst the wreckage of the object; official Royal Air Force records (never-before seen outside of officialdom and never disclosed at a UFO conference before - a real first!) confirm the presence of UFOs seen over Europe during the War, including vast cigar shaped objects hundreds of feet in length; the strange tale of Britain's wartime intelligence agencies and alien autopsies;

(b) the crash of a small, triangular-shaped UFO in a British forest in the early 1960s - civilian witnesses are silenced; those involved find themselves subjected to an official monitoring operation; military personnel report the recovery of 3 alien bodies at the scene; the on-going involvement on the part of the British military to keep this incident under wraps a quarter of a century later;

(c) the crash landing of a UFO at a Royal Air Force station in the 1960s - an official 90-page file on the case uncovered by Nick Redfern leads to remarkable disclosures, and much much more.

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