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9/11 Explosive Connections

  • Uploaded by Conscience on Sep 11, 2010
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9/11 was the largest crime in American History, it has never received a proper criminal investigation, and anyone trying to get in the way of this ongoing independent investigation should have their motives seriously questioned. This information is shared for free, via the internet. No on is getting rich on 9/11 Truth, try looking at some of these connections instead: drug smuggling, money laundering, banking, Military Industry, Who's making the real money here? Richard Gage would have this much money if he sold everyone in America an AE911truth T-Shirt...
Any Ad Hominem attacks against the authors or anything other than logically sound arguments for or against the materials, people, and connections presented... your comments will be deleted and your account blocked!

Kevin Ryan exposes more CIA connections to 9/11:

Center for International Studies releases 3 Terabytes of data:

Jonathan Cole's Explosive Connections:

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