Dateline NBC UFO Special - Hudson Valley UFO

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Hudson Valley UFO segment from Dateline NBC UFO Special "Top 10 UFO Stories". Leading Hudson Valley UFO authority Philip Imbrogno shares his insights.


Aug 26, 1984

NEW CASTLE, NY -- The public hearing was plodding along routinely at the Town Hall one night last month. ''All of a sudden, a cop burst in yelling: The U.F.O.'s here!' '' said Peter A. Brandenberg, a 43-year-old real-estate developer. "Everyone jumped up and jolted out." We went flying down the stairs to see this thing, just staring at it.' On a night before that, William A. Pollard was driving along Interstate 84 near Brewster. "My neighbors said they had seen something,' said Pollard, 29, the manager of an automobile service center. "I said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah.' I never believed in that stuff. But off in a field I saw this gigantic triangle with lights, about 30 feet off the ground -- hovering. Then it turned off its lights and shot straight up -- straight up. That's when I said, "Whoa! Wait a minute here." Throughout northern Westchester County, Dutchess and Putnam counties and western Connecticut this summer, thousands of residents have reported strange objects in the sky -- each usually in a V-shape or a circle, about the size of a football field, absolutely noiseless and outlined in brilliant lights of white, red or green.

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