UFO: Edgar Fouche Interview On The Tr-3b Area 51

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Many interested parties believe the USAF Flying Triangle (TR-3B) is in fact a ultra Top Secret Black Program, as I do. Others cant believe we can keep such technology secret and that the Flying Triangles spotted by thousands around the world can only be an alien UFO.

Then others who havent seen it cannot believe that either possibility is probable and that the thousands of sightings are invalid. As I explained at the International UFO Congress, in August 1998 at Laughlin Nevada, during my Presentation, The USAF, TR-3B, Flying Triangle is real. It uses a gravity warping system called the Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD).

Ive determined that as far back as 1965, at the Convair Division of GD, in Fort Worth Texas, the USAF, DARPA, and CIA were funding research to develop the MFD.

The power for the MFD comes from a nuclear reactor. The MFD reduces the effect of gravity on the TR-3B by 89 percent. Advanced multimode rocket engines, one at each corner, propel the TR-3B easily as 89 percent of the vehicles weight is, for a lack of a better word, neutralized.

This would be considered state-of-the-art technology even by today's standards, some 30 years after he worked this project. He related that the project achieved its objective. Instruments and test objects within the center of the accelerator showed a 50 percent loss of weight, attributed to a reduction in the gravitational field.

No doubt, the TR-3B carries Phantom Stealth technology, i.e. to enable the craft become rather invisible to the eye. Phantom Stealth technology not only help absorb or disperse radar waves but also light waves around the fuselage. In addition, through electronic means, the color of the craft can be adapted to the surroundings, like a Chameleon.

The TR-3B also carries Noise Cancellation technology, which explains why the craft is so silent. It is quite likely that the three vectored engines of this flying triangle are not conventional rocket engines but the silent Cosmosphere Electromagnetic Imuplse engines, originally of Russian design, powered by the central reactor. To successfully apply noise cancellation on rocket engines is quite unlikely.

Phantom Stealth is highly classified technology. The public "knows" only a bit about the radar wave absorption, but the real cloaking stealth is kept hidden carefully.

The TR-3B 'flying triangle', constructed in Area-51, exists for 20 years now and is still the most secret 'aircraft' in the world, also code-named as 'Astra' or 'Locust', one being stationed in Scotland.

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