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    Inkling February 13, 2012 8:26:00 PM CET

    However, I am not saying that the rest of your video is false, it certainly rings true apart from the question of BP ownership:http://ryankett.hubpages.com/hub/British-Petroleum-Ownership-Who-Owns-BPHubPagessign instart a new Hubmy accountcontestjoinhelpHomeTopicsHubsAnswersHubbersForums All TopicsPolitics and Social IssuesEnvironment and Green IssuesWater Pollution Issues British Petroleum Ownership: Who Owns BP...British Petroleum Ownership: Who Owns BP Oil?79rate or flag this pageBy ryankettThe answer, if you found this hub looking for details about who owns 'British Petroleum', is nobody. That business no longer exists. The reason for British Petroleum no longer existing is that there really is nothing British about the business. For those of you that found this hub looking for 'BP Plc Ownership', you really have answered your own question. BP is just another of those global businesses open for investment from any individual or organisation with a stock broker on speed dial and a bit of spare cash to spend. The result is a business with no single investor with clear control, and no country which can claim a majority ownership. Not that having a company with 51% of British owners would constitute a 'British Owned' business, since the likely hood of one institution or individual owning 51% of such a massive organisation is practically zero, if even possible.This hub is actually a response to some criticism of the 'British' by a minority of Americans on the Hubpages forum, most light but some purely placing the blame on the British people for the recent events. The reality of the matter is that the 'BP' which exists today is no longer a British business. It is just as much American as it is British. There can be no blame placed on a nation or a government for the operational failures of a corporation which is required to operate within globally agreed safety standards. Some of the comments made on the forum include:"If the United States had Exon off the coast of England dumping oil in the same amounts I think their people and Prime minister would be raising all manners of heck too!" - nifty @50"If this had happened off the coast of England, or any exotic locale of political interest, by now we'd have sent a big bundle of money and manpower their way to help."- KFlippin"If not for BP fuel contracts with the Military they probably would have been bounced out of American Waters years ago."- MikeNV"I dont give a Good GD how OFFENDED the British People feel about the comments made by any American Citizen. Until a part of your Country is killed by us; keep your feelings to yourself."- Friendlyword"And the UK better get ready... Obama and the dems ought to be siezing all the BP asssets in this country and pullling a hugo chevez anytime now." - TMMason"Maybe Britain should join us and help with this catastrophic problem that was created by a company based in your country." - woolman60I now hope to be able to clear up the obvious confusion, or just pure ignorance if you wish, about just who 'owns' BP Plc. The below table shows ownership statistics as of 31st December 2009, as taken from the BP official website. As you can see it shows that UK ownership of BP is only marginally larger than US ownership. One large US investor could complete the swing. The simple fact is that BP Plc is NOT a British company, at least no more than it is an American company. It has effectively been Anglo-American since a 1998 merger with Amoco. Apparently BP employees some 96,000 permanent members of staff for the day-to-day operation of the business, of which 10000 are British and 24000 of them are American.Benefical Owners Of BP PlcHoldings By Principle AreaInstitutions Individuals Total Percentage SharesUnited Kingdom 33% 7% 40% United States 25% 14% 39% Rest of Europe 10% 0% 10%Rest of World7%0%7% Miscellaneous4%0%4% Total79%21%100%

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    Inkling February 13, 2012 8:09:07 PM CET

    Sorry mate, the brits kicked US's ass 4 days after the signing of the treaty! Because we were not in the current electronic (didnt mean that as a joke!), no-one knew of this until the news was delivered by, sailing ships, a few months after!

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