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Hebes Chasma look what NASA is hiding

  • Yoshy
  • uploaded: Sep 20, 2010
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  • Bugstomper#

    Bugstomper September 30, 2010 10:33:23 PM CEST

    This video is a WASTE of TIME & bandwidth!

  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad September 29, 2010 4:49:47 AM CEST

    I believe this wasted 6 minutes of my life that I cannot get back.

  • Merginglight#

    Merginglight September 27, 2010 4:42:31 AM CEST

    You know, I could almost laugh at the audacity of the person who made this video, but instead, I feel anger. Someone has nothing better to do than to insinuate grotesque forms and humanoid shapes into the landscape. As if there's really something like that there. Are you kidding me?

  • Rudeboi#

    Rudeboi September 26, 2010 7:54:54 PM CEST

    Jesus, please find something to do.

  • Smegma#

    Smegma September 26, 2010 7:44:31 PM CEST

    thanks for this...I was able to adjust the color on my LED monitor much better than using color bars

  • Marielynne#

    Marielynne September 26, 2010 6:57:34 PM CEST

    If you are correct, the eyeball you circled on the left side of the photo is not an eyeball. It is the forehead. The eyeball is lower. I can see a face. It's either VERY close-up or this guy is huge. Which is it?

  • Skeptictank#

    Skeptictank September 26, 2010 6:55:58 PM CEST

    4 minutes into this video, and I'm like, 'yeah? what?' - nothing happening here. pointless video showing the same landscape over and over.

  • Rcoppock#

    Rcoppock September 26, 2010 5:21:25 PM CEST

    MOVE ON! THERE'S NOTHING HERE.This video silently pans still photographs of Mars that someone with an overactive imagination has drawn circles on. Ho Hum . . .

  • Pauldamo#

    Pauldamo September 23, 2010 1:50:55 PM CEST

    very misleading,you don't let the viewer know how high these images are taken from,you can see anything you want in a pattern of weathered cliff faces and valleys.anyway have fun with your imagination,it's good to still have one.

  • Yoshy#

    Yoshy September 23, 2010 12:02:26 PM CEST

    thank you some credit at last true you have to look long and hard i have now found that a lot of the pictures nasa has turned upside down

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