Virgins,solitary, go for God;Prostitute,those who

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Virgins, solitary, go for God; Prostitute, those who divorce their own man, go for Pope - 6. Anti Christ Pope and his hirelings go by Cannon Laws whilst His Labourers by spirit.


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You cannot hold Pope and his associate Anti Christs responsible for the Abuses?

Last night, I went to London School of Economics to listen to a well advertised lecture by Geoffrey Robertson, QC entitled, The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse. I did try to ask a question but the Chairman, Dr Chaloka Beyani of LSE did not pick me up even though I was the only one with turban and beard attending the lecture and to listen to views other than what these Christians present. Here is the link to the lecture: -

Thus, the people who think that the Bible is the Word of God are spiritually blind women who are trapped by these robed or frocked Anti-Christs. Unfortunately, common sense being not so common, only one in a thousand and two in Ten thousands will understand the Gospel Truth that is very Bitter Tablet against the very sweet sugar-coated Tablets of Anti Christs but it earns you Salvation as stressed by Simeon in the Temple. Typical taste of Gospel Truth is this that a Jew being the spiritual self, inwardly and not the flesh or body that is born and dies, outwardly, not a single Jew died during the Holocausts but the tribal spiritually blind people. So, Hitler cannot be blamed for killing the Chosen People but the Messianic Jews who preferred Darkness to Light that caused greed and love of Mammon. In the same way, the Holocausts in India, 1947 and 1984, the people themselves are to be blamed for rejecting the Light of God delivered by the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Greedy Sikh Priests misled the congregations and the greedy heads of Sikh Temples damn cared.

Further, you can judge the spiritual knowledge of common man by asking them the very simple question: If John, the Baptist baptised the sensible Jewish men in water and told them that the One after me, Christ Jesus, will Baptise you in Holy Spirit, then why these Anti Christs Priests Baptise men, women and children in the name of God, Son and Holy Spirit? So, in whose name then John, the Baptist baptised Jewish men in water and He did not baptised a woman or a Gentile? Also, why people pray in Churches when Christ Thomas Said, Why should I fast what sin have I committed and why should I pray what wrong have I done? For answers to these and more, please watch my Youtube Videos under channel nijjhar1. Let Our Father bless you with common sense. In Christ Jesus, we are no more slaves to the sins but to the Righteousness. Or the Christ Jesus put an End to the Law. So, these Cannon Laws that these Lawyers argue about are of the Anti Christs and so, the dead bury their dead in the Law Courts.

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