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Scientology Parenting Propaganda Advertisment

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Sep 23, 2010
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How do you know you've been duped by Scientology? Your bank account is empty, you're mortgaged to the hilt, you have 8 maxed out credit cards, and you're not allowed to speak with non-Scientologist friends or family.

Find out what life is really like in the cruel scam of Scientology, from thousands of ex-members:
Scientology - Through The Door

It's not some happy shiny goofy UFO religion. It is a dangerous, predatory cult that brutally harasses its critics and ex-members, and maliciously abuses its adherents.

I urge you to Google it, and see what pops up. Be sure to get both sides of the story, both critical and supportive. Notice that the sites that are pro-scientology are all official "Church" or front group sites. Notice also that Scientology will never, ever tell you to "look at both sides".

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