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911 FOX reports Flight 93 shot down by an F-16

Flight 93 shot down by the US National Air Guard. Shown by FOX at 16:29-16:30 September 11, 2001, and once more at 22.30-22.32 the same day. A service-woman said to be Lt. Col. Phyllis Phipps-Barnes from DC Air National Guard confirms this fact to the FOX reporter. Flight 93 exploded in the air still at a high altitude and its debris are scattered at a distance of at least 6 miles. It is not like an infamous slip of the tongue by Donald Rumsfeld who slipped up saying a plane was shot down over Pennsylvania. This is a public news report -- i.e. legally admissible evidence. You can go to court with it if you want. For more information visit www.911thology.com or www.911thology.cn

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