UFO Files Radio: Planet-X Jayson Rand Part 3/4

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Planet X -
Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand knows the destruction of Earth Quakes and Hurricanes, he has been in major ones and his research on Planet X turns up some terrifying prospects for humanity. Has Planet X been here before, could it be possible every 3,500 years or so Planet X comes by to wreak havoc on civilized mankind?
In this program Dr. Rand tells Jerry why he thinks many Biblical miracles were the result of Planet X. He tells of civilizations and evidence of catastrophic events pushing humankind back into the stone age, over and over again. Will it happen again? He says by 2009 it could. Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energyinformative Sciences, from the Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia. His contributions in the study and pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and his representing the United States at The First World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ - 1991) - earned him distinctive recognition and his Doctorate from their Russian Academy of Sciences on December 18, 1992 in Moscow. Jaysen Rand also attended the University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), Palmer School of Business, the National College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S. Army (MOS) school diplomas from (1963 - 1966). He's also a gold/platinum, multi-award winning music producer/recording artist/songwriter/publisher and recording studio manager being a music A&R executive with real hands-on corporate industry experience.

The Return of Planet-X" is an educational, informational source examining all aspects of this controversial subject including the record of X's Ancient Science of Prophecy, its Phantom Astronomy, Forbidden Archaeology and the Signs Of Its Approach. We begin with an Introductory Overview, "Earthwatch -- The 21st Century and Beyond," and end with its Epilogue, "Prelude to Our 2012 Planet-X Countdown." It examines the history and prophecy of Earth's many cultures throughout the millennia and their voluminous references to the reality of X's periodic passages.

The most current hypothesis we have to examine concerning X's next return through the solar system centers around the fact that X's extended orbit (approximately every 3,600 years -- first passing through the solar system then back out again), suggests that its 'destructive cycle' occurs in two phases. The 'first phase' begins with X's 'initial pass-through' in 2009 separated by three years until its 'second phase' -- wherein it makes its 'second pass' through the solar system in 2012.

This passage marks X's return leg back into deep space beginning again its 3,600-year-long trek through the heavens. X's last return visit through the solar system most likely coincided with the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt estimated around 1447 BC -- roughly 3,459 years ago. Did God somehow come to Moses' aid by staging a cosmic event that no one today understands?

For some unknown and truly arcane reason the Mayan Celestial Calendar Codex inexplicably ends 21 December 2012. According to ancient Mayan cosmology -- 'time' as we know it on Earth will reach its climax on that date. And no one seems to know why!! Written acrosss the scroll of time and space, we believe Planet-X will first return in 2009 and again in 2012. X's power is real. Its story is forever. Its time is soon

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