T-Shirt. Putting Light of our Father on Lampstand

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T-Shirt. Putting Light of our Father on Lampstand - SUGGESTIONS - 1.
Hi Brethren,

No one know what Treasures of our Father you are possessing unless you put the Light on the Lampstand. Then very few that desire to know Gospel would be attracted to you. In Jesus, you yourself are Solitary and so you encourage others to be Solitary too through the Double-Edged Sword of His Word that earns you Reast or Salvation. There are many Brethren longing for His Treasures and it is a good Time to Fish men, the solitary persons, into the Royal Kingdom of our Father as Christ Jesus, our anointed Elder Brother did through Philo, the Philosophical Devine Love over and above Agape. So, please send suggestions and I have the desire that we keep the Front as Standard with some lines on the back as standard too adding a variety of logos underneath. Any thing, you have on your T-Shirt, you must be able to explain to our Virgin Sisters with Christ, the innerman, in their hearts in order to Fish spiritual solitary men into the Royal Kingdom of our Father. Spiritual women are those who divorce their innerman and go after Pope, Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon, etc to become the spiritual Prostitutes. Matt.19 explain our stand in the ministry of Christ Jesus, in which you cannot make a following of the blind Disciples. Such blind Disciples when led by their blind Bishops lead to the sectarian riots as you could expect in Indonesia soon. In Jesus, you do not promote hatred or sectarian riots as the Mighty Hand of our Father is over our heads. Link to suggestions in doc format:-


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