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How Earth Should Speak to Aliens


September 27, 2010

Author Nick Pope explains what government officials might do if Earth was contacted by alien life. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @

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Towards a scientific and societal agenda on Extra-terrestrial Life (4th OCTOBER 2010)-

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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u October 1, 2010 5:11:29 PM CEST

    We have recieved signals dear Nick Pope. We have. These signals where recieved in 1977 and have been recieved until around 2005. The content of these signals can be read in the the book the alien code. The human aliens are alreaddy in contact with people all over the world. They don't wait until the UN has decided who will be the spokesman for humanity. As you can read in the book, they are very kind and very ethical and sensitive people. They are very concerned about the wellfare of humanity. But they also warn for the greys. You know, these cloned biological robots who can't be trusted one bit. They are not from here, so aliens, but they are not human beings. It is well known that lots of people came in contact with these creatures, and indeed, I would not advise anybody to do bussiness with them like Hawkings said. But with the human aliens, who are alreaddy present on earth for decades, a real open meeting would be adviseble. The problem is that deals have been made with the greys, for reasons of power and control . And that makes a meeting with the human aliens almost impossible at the moment. They don't trust the people responsible for the alien topic. The human aliens have no imperialistic agenda for earth. On the contrary. Some imperialistic groups whitin humanity preferred to do bussiness with the greys for there own imperialistic reasons, like exchange of technology for ... yes... for what? To allow the greys to abduct people? To do genetic experiments with victems of abduction? To pass free at certain regions of earth to collect water and food? To start a strategy to implant all people with artificial implants? To speed up the technology to clone animals and eventualy human beings, because the greys are cloned biological entity's themselve? Must I go on? Reasons enough why the human aliens don't trust those of us, who are in charge of the world political scene on this moment. Can you blame them?

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