Coming Out of the Dark Book Trailer

Embark on a mystical journey into the supernatural in Coming Out of the Dark: The Miraculous Biblical Painting.
This book recounts the true story of a glorious miracle and multiple apparitions which appeared within this muslin cloth. It came in the form of an eerie apparition of a white winged horse embedded within a serpent’s head. Reversed, that same image became the Blessed Virgin Mary. It also brought with it a powerful message using apocalyptic images which corresponded to verses from the Book of Revelation 19:11 - 20:3. The incredible mystery of this cloth was that the images appeared of their own volition and the images were only visible when the cloth was backlit by a strong light source. These images were painted on the inside of the cloth between the minute threads. Only light could bring these images to life. Otherwise, the cloth remained black on both sides.

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