Life Elsewhere in Universe?

30 September 2010

Astronomers say they've found planet with potential to sustain life. Follow UFO Report on Twitter @

Is there anybody out there?-

Do Extra-terrestrials Exist?-

The Universe: Another Earth HD-

NASA Discoveries Spark Hopes Of Alien Life-

Earth-Like Planet Discovered-

US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth-

Scientists Discover Planet similar to Earth HD-

Is this the new Earth? Astronomers discover planet just 20 light years away with similar atmosphere and gravity which could support life-

Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking: Aliens HD-

Is Discovering Alien Life Inevitable? (28/9/2010)-

CNN: Galaxy May be Full of 'Earths,' Alien life -

Alien life on thousands of Planets-

New Planet May Support Life (30/9/2010)-

Does ET live on Goldilocks planet? How scientists spotted 'mysterious pulse of light' from direction of newly-discovered '2nd Earth' two years ago-

Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says-

Aliens Are out There-

Man 'Must Prepare to Meet Alien Life Forms' (25/1/2010) -

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