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  • Parasitepigs#

    Parasitepigs October 3, 2010 6:42:53 AM CEST

    Reseach who owns the banks that have destroyed this world!! And GO to This Subject is to deep to answer your qwestion here on the comments page!! IT took me years to make these conections, and it will take you the same!!! Take nothing I say at face value.. Do your own reaserch!! I did not just wake up one morning and come up with these FACTS!! Or stay ignorant.. for it truley is bliss!! I have taken so much flack for these facts that are so self evedent once you do the reaserch. Some times I wish I did not know them.. It is not fun being called names and a rracist, and all that BS!! YET not once have THEY ever tried with any real truth try and attack my message.. NO ( THEY ) just constantly attack me, the messenger...... Because they know what they are doing is evil and wrong.. They just don't care!!!

  • Saundra#

    Saundra October 3, 2010 6:05:46 AM CEST

    I agree that our country has been taken over by someone or thing, but why do you think it's the jews??? It could just be greed...of all nationalities...

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