Who are the living Gnostics? - Replacement of the

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Who are the living Gnostics? - Replacement of the corrupted one - 1. The academic theologians of letters have painted a very dark picture of the Gnostics and have also branded them as "heretics". That is the correct picture that these men of letters are capable of painting as Gnosticism is for the people of "spirit" and not for those of the "letters" or Books. Without spirit, one cannot put on living christ in the name of Jesus and this Jesus manifested in John 9 by opening the eyes of a born-blind man with his spittle. So, this born-blind man was a predestined sensible person through whom Jesus could proclaim his mission, i.e. Jesus came to open the spiritual third eye of the sensible people only and it was for this reason that he told his Labourers not to proclaim Him the Christ of God to the masses. But to this sensible man and the Samaritan Woman at the well John4, He was too pleased to proclaim his Christship. Finally, Jesus summarises his purpose of coming into the world in John 9.39. Thus, in the above passage the sensible person of spirit called Jesus a "Prophet" whereas his opponents of letters, the Priests, called Jesus a Satan. The same is true to day. The academic theologians of letters call the Gnostics of spirit heretics. Sensible and outspoken persons need a "Spark" to light their inner spiritual candle as Jesus provided to the blind man. Just to mention, I received this spark of Light from my late father and now I preach the Message of Jesus, the living Anointed Christ of living God. No body can receive 'His Word' unless God willeth. Thus, the Gnostics present and past, are the living persons of spirit and not the dead persons of letters as those who are studying the gnostic Gospels recently found in Egypt. Such men of letters are the dead Gnostics who cannot even understand a simple Passage as Logo 114 in the Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of God". That is, in Jesus the solitary are all living Brethren of spirit whether in flesh we may be male or female. Finally, the Gnostics ponder over 'His Word' in spirit and try to understand the Holy Books that foretell the events. For example, the Bible clearly forecast the establishment of Israel but the blind theologians of letters could not perceive it. In fact, Jesus came to give us Gospel so that we may not depend upon the manly or in-person priests anymore. In Jesus, we are the living (in spirit) Royal Priests (christs) of our living Royal Father (God). The era of "letters" and works has gone with the Moses' Priests of letters and Jesus has ushered us into the new era of "spirit". Always use your own common sense to renew your inner man in the name of Jesus. 'His Word' being received on individual basis, everyone should try to understand it. Thus, my lectures may sharpen your views and your contributions may also increase my knowledge. So, why not come along to one of our meetings to share the Light of Jesus in spirit! We are individualist and solitary.You are welcome to visit my web site:-

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