Project Serpo Alien Exchange Event Bill Ryan P.5/8

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This program, recorded during the 2006 International UFO Congress Conference held in Laughlin, Nevada during the week ending March 4th, is dedicated to the story of the ETs of Serpo and their personnel exchange program with the United States Government. It reveals a chilling, dark side of this ET race.

Guest Bill Ryan, developer of the Serpo web site (see link below) reveals to Jerry, for the first time on public record, how he receives the dispatches of the original US Military Exchange Team mission log from his source named "Anonymous." Ryan also faces tough questioning by Jerry about the validity of this information.
No more mission log entries, the validity of which was often questioned by many researchers, lay critics and us. Although lacking in specifics in many areas, the latest releases from anonymous sources are a catch all of some important details about Project Crystal Knight (Serpo) and many associated USG projects.

Revealed in the report is such important information as: who participated, application of acquired technology, and surprisingly, the specific arrival date and location of the next Serponian mission to Earth.

Is this mission going to precipitate official world-wide disclosure of the reality of ETs and UFO's, or will it be another secret rendezvous in the desert with members of the "Shadow Government." Stay tuned. Coverage begins now. Where it will take us no one knows.

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