T-Shirt is easy and cheap to produce through Trans

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T-Shirt is easy and cheap to produce through Transfer Papers - Help needed - 3.
As explained some one suggested that it would be cheaper to buy Transfer Sheet and then iron them over the T-Shirt where you want them. But when I asked him the price, he quoted that over £90 for just set up. That is ridiculous. Such Mammon orientated people have no Love for God. In God, we receive FREE and we give Free. We do not charge for working for our Father otherwise He would not give you any thing. Such people have no longing for His Word and they will not get His Word if you are closer to Mammon than God.

So, think of exploiting your IT skills for our Father and let have Mirror images of the text in Doc. format so that people like me can play around.

Here is my e-mail address rajinder.nijjhar@ntlworld.com

Send me an email, then we will exchange telephone numbers for further talk. Our Father bless you all.

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