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July 17th Full Moon Something Extraordinary Happen

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Jul 10, 2008
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  • Mystery207#

    Mystery207 August 8, 2008 4:49:32 AM CEST

    I'm still pissed about losing my files when I did that vista upgrade! But thank you anyways guru! Jai Bagwan!

  • Sisterlizz#

    Sisterlizz July 19, 2008 2:04:47 PM CEST

    Thank you for this awe inspiring moment. I have photos of this GRACE LIGHT that I was so blessed to capture on July 17th 2008 and it does show you the wonder of GOD at work. It will be available to the public soon. In Light and please know and understand that GOD DOES BLESS US ALL, everyday!! Sister Lizz ^j^

  • Ionman#

    Ionman July 16, 2008 1:26:17 PM CEST

    I can't feel a change...today is 17th july but I feel nothing!Fake! ;)

  • Ionman#

    Ionman July 11, 2008 1:24:17 AM CEST

    I saw him on youtube before, too. I wondering there is a bright light almost in south. This is as bright as the Venus but Venus should be seen in the west. Could anyone explain this? is this Jupiter?

  • Vulcanic#

    Vulcanic July 10, 2008 9:26:09 PM CEST

    hehe cool i seen this video a few days ago this guy is on my youtube friends list

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