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Analysis of Huygens landing site first time from 2 different angles. The artifacts and structures are not just hallucinations of twisted minds.

Although it's already a lot of things I featured here, this is by far not everything - I'd need at last 30 min only to show it all.

One object especially should at least start a discussion. Hopefully a casual one...

After analyzing both images for over a month I found many structures - i.e. parallel walls, geometrically built edifices, walls and ways (often framed by parallel walls) leading from one structure to another, skull-like objects in masses - that I came to a striking conclusion.

This whole area is/was a temple or city district of some sort, built by a (long gone) race by using natural structures to their advantage.

If these are artificial structures - which I have no doubt about - all these objects are resembling a way of building that is quite similar to the way humans built in the early ages.

That leads me to 2 different scenarios:

1 Early human-like creatures (maybe before our 'official' timeline) have been 'put there' by some highly-advanced race. This race could have come from outer space - or the Earth itself.

2 A human-like race already lived on Titan and got extinct by some big astronomical event, which changed the atmosphere of Titan to what it is now. Possibly an event that moved Titan from its former orbit to where it is now - maybe the same event that hit the Earth before our current civilization arose.

Please comment and rate and tell me what you think! Thank you very much!


This is my very first video created and/or uploaded ever - so please bear with me. Next time I might add some cool music. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated - keyword here is 'constructive'.

Please watch to the end even if you read the name undercoveralien. I know there are some people out there who don't like him. I am not related to him other than that I also want to know the truth.

But as I say in the video - he did a great job in making people aware that there is more to find in space than most people think. Thank you for that, bro! :)

More than even I myself thought actually!

Have fun watching! :)

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