Sacred Geometry UFO's & Symbols Part 2/5

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This is David Flynn's amazing video lecture The Doomsday Clock - Astronomical Precession and 2012 (2005) where he presents his original and ground-breaking research of ancient mysteries, "illuminated" fraternities, gnosticism, crop circles, UFOs and Bible prophecy. David's Ancient of Days conference 2005 lecture offered amazing numeric and geometric parallels between this famous crop glyph and the Roswell incident. Audible gasping was heard over and over from the crowd of approximately 100 people who viewed this presentation, as unbelievable "coincidences" between earth's navigational latitude numbers, astronomical data, scriptures and ancient earth's megaliths revealed connections never before drawn for any audience. Cross-referencing Biblical passages and the Book of Enoch with ancient myths and astrological symbols, David indicated an undeniable relationship between the Genesis 3 Sons of God, their "landing" at Mt Hermon (according to Enoch) to intermingle with human daughters and to offer mankind technology, with modern activity of the same nature. Find out how secret fraternities use knowledge hidden from us and how they encode it in various structures and events which lay in front of our eyes every day but we hardly notice much less understand them. 1 hour long. A must see for everyone.

The case for doomsday in 2012 according to David Flynn:

Ufologists are real. Aliens exist and have a much older history than humans
They are called "the watchers"
Bible Scripture tells the story
Crop circles are messages
Cybernia on Mars was a base
The Platonic Solids play a role in formation of energy
Sacred Geometry plays a role in formation of energy
Sacred numbers play a role in the formation of energy
The illuminated secret societies on earth are gatekeepers
Roswell, Cydonia, and other geographic locations are interconnected
A war in heaven is about to come full circle
With destruction on earth as never witnessed before
A war between angelic and demonic overlords
The precession of the equinox plays a role and it is the doomsday clock
The alignment of the core of the Milky way plays a role
Just an Ourosburos cycle of energies however.

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