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AlGore Confronted in Tampa about GlobalWarming Aga


  • Gloomylunatic#

    Gloomylunatic October 8, 2010 1:31:54 AM CEST

    If you listen carefully, you can hear Gore blame this year flooding in Pakistan on his theory of global warming.What happened in Pakistan with those big downpours, nothing like that ever happened there before. Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature of 129 degrees all-time record.Unfortunately for Gore, scientific evidence does not seem to back his claims. The Indus River region of Pakistan receives heavy downpours every year during its monsoon season, when the torrential rains sweep inland off the Indian Ocean and results in annual flooding. The 2010 monsoon season was particularly bad and has affected many more people than in recent years, but it not the first time the region has seen an influx in rainfall or flooding.As far back as 1800 B.C., climate change effected the people living in the Indus Valley region and they were forced to relocate as the region grew drier, the monsoons weakened and farming and livestock were no longer sustainable. Likewise, geological evidence from nearly 6000 years ago shows worse flooding than that of 2010. To say that nothing like the recent floods has Cever happened before is simply not true.Closing question: If climate change skeptics can use the uncharacteristic blizzards of 2010 to disprove global warming, how is it Al Gore can use the Pakistan floods of 2010 to prove its existence?Gore isn't the only one drawing a parallel between recent warm temperatures and Pakistan flooding.In an audio message delivered this week, a recorded voice purportedly that of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden warned that the %u201Cnumber of victims caused by climate change is very big bigger than the victims of wars The catastrophe (in Pakistan) is very big and it is difficult to describe it,bin Laden says.

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