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Common Purpose NWO Fifth Column Brian Gerrish

  • Rcoones
  • uploaded: Jul 11, 2008
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Brian Gerrish presents in Bournemouth June 28 2008. Brian presents more documentation about Common Purpose and the latest updates. Brian and his team have been especially courageous and patriotic in their efforts to save the independence of their nation... this being the Post Democratic Era where control of the country has been taken from the people.

The longer covert groups are unseen...the longer it will be to undo what they have done. Common Purpose, a charity, is reportedly training and influencing \'Leaders\' for the Post Democratic Era...Leaders that fill the space between The Government and the People. What are their goals and intentions? Are their goals in your best interest or the goals of the Post Democratic Era?

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  • Rcoones#

    Rcoones September 15, 2008 5:48:30 AM CEST

    If we are to have free speech and uncensored news there will be a certain amount of it that is false or purposly misleading or just wrong. Each individual has to do his own research and not take the word of 'authorities' so much. There is very much out there in this field that is right on. The media is biased and controlled by corporations that feed us what they want us to know, like the evening news where you get your ration of bad news everyday on purpose. This is done for a reason.

  • Werefeat#

    Werefeat August 6, 2008 5:07:37 AM CEST

    If you will look for a movie on Video.Google called "The Empire of the City" you will get a good idea about the way things are. You won't believe it all, none of the things in the unconventional press are all true. But more truth is in the alternative media than elsewhere, that's why it exists...

  • Vtcpdx#

    Vtcpdx August 6, 2008 1:09:12 AM CEST

    This guy makes 2 remarks at the very beginning of his lecture that show exactly why people can not fight this NWO. 1) "The failure of the country to follow it's religion."2) "I swore allegiance to the Queen." FUCK THE QUEEN, FUCK ORGANIZED RELIGION AND FUCK THIS DUMB WASTE OF OXYGEN.

  • Rubberbump#

    Rubberbump July 14, 2008 9:56:59 PM CEST

    Thanks for the tip....

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