Secret Underground Bases: Dr. Richard Sauder P2/4

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Oct 8, 2010
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Special correspondent Farah Yurdozu joins Jerry in this show with guest Richard Sauder. Sauder, a well-respected investigative author has a new book revealing decades of research by him on the subject of underground and undersea bases.
In Part One of this interview- Sauder talks about his detailed research into the Nazi Germany connection to the technology required to build these bases. Discussion about what happened in 1948 when Admiral Byrd took an expeditionary force to Antarctica in a secret operation about which little is known even to this day. Did the Germans build a giant underground city in the south polar region? Sauder also discusses with Farah some of the examples of centuries-old evidence of huge underground cities in places like Turkey and he suspects a lot of Egyptian ancient history is underground and yet to be discovered.

In the second part of this show, discussions about why underground and undersea facilities are being built and why they have been around for centuries. Farah brings up the subject of abductions and ET involvement and the show takes an interesting twist as Richard lays out some of his findings about evidence of other world involvement and that he has found many non-secret sources that confirm his belief.
Discussion then turns to the top-secret facility in the Australian outback called Pine Gap.

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