Model set by our Father is to be copied for UNIFIC

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Model set by our Father is to be copied for UNIFICATION or Rest - 1. This Jesus explained in Matt.19, well-known as the Marriage and Divorce Parable, Marriage and Divorce Part 1 Matt. 19:- Jesus was a Preacher (the Sower) of His Word, the Spiritual Principles of God and He was the first anointed Christ (Royal High Priest) of God, called a SATGURU in Panjabi, to appear in the present Dark Age. Jesus was not a teacher of the moral laws of Moses that are formulated by men inspired by His Word. Thus, Moses put on Christ, rejected the riches of Pharaohs and wrote Torah for the chosen people and the Gentile. Moral teacher is called a Rabbi in M.East and a PANDIT or GURU in the East. For the roots of sound moral laws being in His Word, the Rabbi or PANDITS are also said to be the witnesses (moon) to the Light (of the Sun) but not the Lights. An ideal moral teacher has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52: Therefore every moral teacher which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man (and not a woman) that is an householder (hereditary priest of a temple as the people of Levi tribe are in the M.East), which bringeth forth out of his treasure (of gnosis) things New (His Word that was preached from the Oral Torah but was received only through the Grace of God and the knowledge of which also enabled the moral teachers to over rule the written Torah. Thus, the seat of His Word could also be called Mercy) and old (the letters of the written Torah that were passed from generation to generation through teaching of the letters or Scriptures). Thus, John, the Baptist of Levi tribe and in the line of Aaron was an ideal moral teacher, a super ruler, who feared not the secular rulers in proclaiming his moral judgements over such moral issues as to the king Herod marrying the wife of Philip. Whereas Jesus being not a moral teacher, He neither gave His judgements over moral issues, even on the woman caught red-handed in adultery, nor baptised anyone in water. Now, whatever applies to the flesh, the opposite applies to soul e.g. the moral teachers are the super rulers, the spiritual Preachers, the Apostles, are the super Servants; the moral teachers impose their views, the spiritual Preachers do not do so but make a request; moral laws are learnt by the letters whereas the Spiritual Principles are understood by spirit through the Grace of God; moral laws are based upon the tit-for-tat animal instincts whereas the Spiritual Principles are based upon the spirit of humble presentation of the other cheek; etc. Thus, the Parable of Marriage and Divorce is a sound example of the application of above Spiritual Principle and it cannot be understood unless a person has the ears to hear His Word through the Grace of God. Thus, some Pharisees (teachers of the moral laws, who were well drunk with the old wine of the letters) came to test Jesus. Those arrogant Pharisees were jealous of Jesus because Jesus was the Senior Preacher of the Spiritual Principles that the junior teachers of the moral laws were not familiar with. Therefore, the arrogant and orthodox Pharisees of letters could not help but argue with Jesus over matters that were even not clear to themselves. The Pharisees asked (on the basis of the moral laws), Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason? Here, the Pharisees have asked Jesus a question on the moral code of marriage and divorce in which the two persons, male and female, are involved. But as Jesus was not a moral teacher, He answered this question, through an analogy, by dictating the Spiritual marriage and divorce, in which the abstract self soul is the male that marries the concrete self flesh, the female. And this is how Jesus dictated this very important and instructive concept of the Spiritual marriage and divorce between the soul and the flesh that baffled not only the arrogant Pharisees but also some of His own Labourers as well.

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