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MRG Ashley Mote - After European Union Lisbon Trea

  • Uploaded by Rcoones on Jul 11, 2008
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Why I am an MEP

1. When you are on the field of battle, you use every weapon at your disposal. Turning my back on the EU will not defeat it. And now, having been elected, I am a fifth-columnist within the city walls. But unlike most fifth-columnists, my foes know I am there...

2. The EU does not create wealth â?? it takes it from taxpayers all over the member states. It is a financial leech on the body politic. As an MEP I now have access to those funds and can bring some of them back here to help the cause...

3. Being an MEP opens doors. It provides access â?? to ministers of the Crown in Britain, to the British establishment, to the people who run businesses and daily make decisions that affect millions of other people. As a member of the public I get fobbed off with responses from flunkeys, as we all are. As an MEP I get responses from the ministers and chief executives who address the issues Iâ??ve raised.....

4. Being an MEP gives me access to information. I now have a research team in Brussels and here in the UK â?? paid for by the EU.....

(Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the makers of this video)

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