The Great Dark Trailer

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This trailer is an announcment for the upcoming full feature length film of the Los Roques Series.

"The Great Dark" will be an independently funded film. It will be filmed at multiple scouted locations in the United States. There will be a cast of 8 characters, and an incredible display of special effects unlike any Los Roques episode seen thus far.

The clips shown in this preview, are conceptual clips. This film as of May 27th is in the final stages of scripting and story boarding. It is scheduled to be released in June of '09, to be featured at a target of Indie Film Festivals.

The "Great Dark" is about a man's salvation as he tries to understand the purpose of these beings that have covered the earth and shut off all sunlight and it's life giving energy. His struggle to keep his family intact as he deals with the fatal mistakes of the past and the catastrophic events unfolding in front of him.

..We will journey together to learn what purpose these beings truly serve.....and the impact their visit will have on the Human Race.

See all of Manbird12000 great CGI work on his page at:

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