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Al Qaeda Recruitment Commercial


  • Dazbo#

    Dazbo October 11, 2010 8:13:43 PM CEST

    in prisons in the uk they are people that use bible for rolling there why the hell is they such a big deal about this.? its there plan brain washing you with bull are all slaves to the few rich.look back over time at are history.this does not work the 12 people own most off the money in the world.they useing there money to feed you shit and sell you useless crap that only does bad to the earth.its all to late they have won.look at bushers cheeky smile in 9/11 news spechers that says it all.ha hahahahahaahahahaha we have been had for.they have startted a war over phamtom terrorsts makeing 0 man power to 1000s off suisde bomers.The think tank planed it all to a tee.

  • Dazbo#

    Dazbo October 11, 2010 8:03:23 PM CEST

    bannaza they have small rpg big rpg tiny rpg long rpg you find rpg chaper BUYT ITTTTTTTTTTTT.75 vergins waiting for all the japan kamacarze wannabees.they dont tell you about the 150 you get when do good.defuse all ieds and get double bubble 150 on the bannaza super monday offer.kiss the uk soligers ass and get a donky vergin as a bonus good look.

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