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History XXX!!!


More JEWISH RACISM that most of you brain-sucked Americans will not even dare to question!! Because you now live in a constant state of fear..!! Fear of being falsely labeled an Anti-Semite, fear of YOUR own police force!! Fear of being one of the millions of people looked up prison in the so-called freest country in the world..!! Fear of the government, and it;s new Soviet secret police force "home land security"...!! Well I say FUCK"EM I WILL LIVE FREE, and say what I please [ the truth ] or "they" can just go ahead, and kill me!!!!!

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  • Amazeroth#

    Amazeroth October 13, 2010 7:04:46 AM CEST

    Very interesting. Although I do not think that it is 'the Jews' in general (Jewish mothers love their children, too) - I tend to believe that most of the leaders in Israel are a racistic bunch of fascists, who learned pretty well what they have 'learned' during the Hitler regime.I am in no way a racist btw - I hate racism - but I wonder why I never saw any of this anywhere in the media before...

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