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Fox News Accidentally Records NY UFO Sighting

  • Harlekin
  • uploaded: Oct 14, 2010
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The NYPD and the FAA fielded numerous phone calls Wednesday afternoon from freaked out New Yorkers who say they saw UFOs hovering over Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Callers said they saw strange silver objects bobbing or hovering in the sky.

"Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it," FAA spokesman Jim Peters told the Post. "Every once in a while you get phone calls from people who see something they can't explain."

Police said they got a few calls but weren't investigating.

A Fox 5 viewer e-mailed the station to say the UFOs were probably balloons floating away from the celebration on Broadway in Times Square of the 100th anniversary of Madrid's Gran Via Avenue.

"Balloons will float to a point and then seem to bob up and down in the upper atmosphere as the pressures change and wind currents blow," Stephen Parris wrote. "The tails were the black strings on them and the blue lights were the reflection of the sun on them."

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  • Alienasa#

    Alienasa October 18, 2010 11:21:05 AM CEST

    Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Ninammam#

    Ninammam October 18, 2010 3:03:45 AM CEST

    Oh the games people play, every night and every day, never meaning what they say, never saying what they mean. Oh pleeeeease this IS soooooo Propaganda it just SCREEMS it!!!!! BLUE BEAM Testing.

  • Brawk#

    Brawk October 17, 2010 5:31:19 PM CEST


  • anonymous#

    anonymous October 16, 2010 2:48:57 AM CEST

    i was not there, but i will throw in: Blue Beam practice? and, to one commenter on that sidewalk: i wish we were alone! i have heard that the malevolent things are inside of our planet Earth, and that's close enough for me. also, i don't personally know any abductees, but i certainly would not call one a liar about their experience being uncomfortable. remember that the higher ranked bosses, no matter their species, want us distracted & pumped-up so they can feast on us in more ways than one! thanku :)

  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz October 15, 2010 10:00:36 PM CEST

    So who builds the 2->10 mile long ufo's?? yeah thx dude

  • Allanisaksson#

    Allanisaksson October 15, 2010 3:45:12 PM CEST

    Its only the planet Jupiter. Sorry folks! Regards from Allan, Denmark

  • Spittzwell#

    Spittzwell October 15, 2010 12:10:01 AM CEST

    i love how everyone hates on fox so much wake up man wake up

  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz October 14, 2010 11:43:48 PM CEST

    ..by foxnews. Omg even for an english man, that channel usually is pure propaganda.50-100 ufo's, nice.

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