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Wolwes Going Amok Om Highway (russia)

It looks like a recording made by a surveillance camera begins with a man in police uniform, walks up to a car he apparently had stopped because one headlight not working. At the same movies one of the passengers in the car what happens.

Footage then shows how the man in police uniform suddenly throws himself into the stopped car, apparently to escape what looks like a wild wolf pack that comes rushing toward him across the road.

The video is filmed from two angles should in principle be enough to trigger suspicion, but the Russian media and the Norwegian media has written about the video as if it were to be real.

Started investigation

Russian media reported that video footage would have been done on a highway outside of Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia earlier this week.

Because of the commotion selected police in Rostov district to investigate the video, and they have concluded that the most likely are the data manipulated.

They point out that one can clearly see that the letter M in the road surface changes in an unnatural way when the last "wolf" run over. The man who poses as police officer in the video does not work in veipolitiet in the area.

- During the investigation it was discovered that the letter M goes in waves, and the letters and number of rings on the road is not right either. We do not have such an employee and the road does not exist, says press spokesman Rait Fatkhutdinov in the regional veipolitiet to lifenews.ru.

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