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  • Darkdupont24#

    Darkdupont24 October 17, 2010 11:04:19 AM CEST

    Even these two dont believe and they are supposed to be believers in ufos and ets.......its funny how people are so eager to believe and say that they are ready for this, but then they are so scared, that now they find other reasons to deny the obvious signs right in front of them, but then again if they are here and show their presence then Icke cant sell too many more new books or movies or give lectures and Alex Jones, well nevermind he is a lost cause, he does some good, but he is so set in his ways and in his own personal arrogance that I dont even know if he realizes that what he is talking about half the time. If he would have to listen to half the shit that comes out of his mouth and mind, he would probably say, man who is that idiot talking. He just talks about things half the time without even checking on the whole story first.

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