Canada Denied Seat At UN- Time To Celebrate!

Happy Days! Canada did not get a seat on the UN Security Council.. As the media tries to explain this as a negative thing.. I say, break out the party hats!! WOOT WOOT! Congratulations Canada!!

Read The Headlines On The Recent Lost Bid To Secure A Seat For Canada On The UN Security Council And You Will Quickly See Finger Pointing At Its Finest! The Conservatives Are Blaming It On The Liberals And The Liberals Are Blaming It On The Conservatives- What A Smoke Screen!

In This Interview Held On October 11, 2010; Ignatieff declares this to be a sad day for Canadians and an historic day for Canadian and spends the whole interview passing blame onto the Harper government and it’s stance on foreign policy. Ignatieff and his party take on the role of “good cop” in this interview, while trying to have us believe the Harper Government is the “bad cop”. But we all know they are simply two wings of the same bird! A classic case of the false left right paradigm.

Ignatieff States..
- Harper Screwed Up In Copenhagen (COP15)
- Harper Loses Recent Bid For Seat At The UN Security Council
- Harper Screws Up Recent Deal With UAE To Allow For Greater Access To Canadian Landing Strips
- Moving Away From Partnering With The African Union
- The G-8 & G-20 Summits Was Simply A Photo Opportunity For The PM

This is when a bad thing is actually a good thing!!

Ignatieff then goes on to mention that the Harper Government wasted Canadian Tax Payer money hosting the G8 & G20 summits and very little if anything, was accomplished. I can agree that it was certainly a waste of tax payer money but I rejoice in the fact that Canada did not get suckered into signing any international binding agreements and rejected the idea that Canada should fall into the same category as the United States when it comes accepting responsibility for the global financial crisis. (Again, Good News!)

Perhaps what Mr. Ignatieff is trying to say is that his party, (the ones that made the original SPP closed door deals allowing for the development of the framwork for North American Union), has the ability and desire to sign Canada into internationally binding agreements, diminish Canadian sovereignty and place more decision making power into the hands of an ‘global governing body’, and can do it more effectively and cost efficient?

When we hear Stephen Harper on stage saying things like…

“Canada And Mexico Are As One”
“Canada No Longer Has An Economy, Its A Global Economy”
“We Need Some Semblance Of Global Governance”
“We Need His Version Of Enlightened Sovereignty”
“We Need To Fight Protectionist Measures Here And Abroad”

And Then We Hear Liberals Like Former Prime Minister Paul Martin Telling Canadians..
“We Are Going To Have To Give Up A Little Bit Of Our Sovereignty To Make The World Work”
“We Need To Redefine The Meaning Of Sovereignty To Include Sovereign Duties”
“We Need A Global Regulator To Regulate The Regulators (nations)”

It makes you wonder; who are these guys trying to fool? I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying it one bit!

There is a much larger overall agenda that is at work here and both main political parties seem to be working towards it together, regardless of the finger pointing!
Regardless of which political party holds the seat of power here in Canada, the main outcome is the same!

Lucky for us, Harpers Is Such A Screw-Up, This Time It Actually Worked Out To Our Benefit! We Won One By Accident. It’s The Law Of Averages I Guess, Even A Complete Tool Will Eventually Get Something Right!

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