Death camps, and Eisenhower. Soon to be in US!

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Right on. Hitler was partially financed by the Jewish banking elite back then. This is what they always do, they finance certain parties and then hope to take it over and if this is not possible then they destroy that target nation or party. Another modern example is Saddam Hussein, he got weapons and aid from Jewish controlled USA and then at the end was totally destroyed in the second Iraq war.
What the Zionists did not expect is that Adolf Hitler built up an independent economy independent from world jewish usury. The economical system of the Third Reich was an incredible achievement of Adolf Hitler, based on work and labor the Third Reich's economy exploded and made the Third Reich a world superpower in less than 6 years time. Other countries started to take over this system, like Austria. And this was a direkt threath to world jewish finance. The Jews rely on usury and credit debt slavery to keep themselves as the ruling elite. The Jews themselves dont actually work, they are parasites that live off the work of others...
I just found out that the Bloods/Crips in LA get funded by the government thru welfare... interesting no? That the jews finance the mass breeding of the black "minorities" in the US with the taxes of the white working class. Money/Energy Transfer, they jews use whites as soldiers to conquer the world and at the same time destroy the whites in every possible aspect. Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and so on :-\
These jews really do it over and over again!!!!!!

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