Social Engineering for the Coming Technofascist Wo


In yet another attempt to gain public acceptance for the coming technological tyranny, the EU has recently funded the University of Bergen in Norway to create a website that collects people's opinions on three emerging techno-fascist technologies: biometric id, human augmentation, and global tracking systems.
The TechnoLife project's website claims that they

"will place a number of media objects in different (public) domains and use these as focal points of discussion. The idea here is simply that images and more emotionally laden content may better serve as triggers of debate than standard ethical principles or analysis. We develop a number of tools for that purpose, the most important being a number of short movies. Other possible "triggering objects" may include news stories, images and gadgets such as mobile phone applications."
To trigger a negative reaction as the stimulus for a debate, the Technolife project has created movies that deliberately portray the three above-mentioned technologies in a negative light. These shock films are intended to invoke a negative reaction in the viewer who would then presumably log into the TechnoLife website and post their concerns.

And what will the TechnoLife project do with these concerns: "The outcomes of the deliberative phase, involving a number of different concerned groups will be presented to EU policy makers" with the objective to "Develop methods to represent ethical issues of the three technological fields to end-users (policy makers, scientists and NGOs) at early stages of S&T and policy development" and to "Develop ethical frameworks that can be used to take better account of the ethical concerns understood in relation to social and technical imaginaries in the three technological fields."

Or, after translating into plain non-academic English, the TechnoLife project will present the objections of concerned citizens to EU policy makers so they can then spin the technology in a direction that is more acceptable to the general population.
Of course, nowhere on their website is there even the hint that these technologies could be prevented from being deployed. TechnoLife's research is narrowly focused on how to gain public acceptance for the coming surveillance and control systems.

So, if you would like to be "triggered" into providing your concerns to the TechnoLife project, here are their three movies which are guaranteed to make you wish you could jump into a time-machine set for the 18th century.

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