Trevor J. Constables Etheric Rain Engineering P1/5

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Pioneer weather engineer and humanitarian Trevor James Constable has done a community public service to mankind and saved serious drought situations as a result of using this technology; all individuals that have helped have done so without endorsement and have had to incur their own personal costs. Trevor James Constable, originally from New Zealand, worked in the Merchant Marines for over 31 years as a Merchant Marine radio officer, he traveled on enormous ships crossing the north eastern Pacific ocean over 300 times, this gave him the opportunity to experiment with his research based on Wilhelm Reich's work.

After Trevor retired from the Merchant Marines, Trevor launched the worlds first Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering Operations based in Singapore from the late 1980s up until 2000; Trevor worked with US Air Force retired Colonel W.A."Willy" Schauer, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer George K. C. Wuu and US Air Force General retired Curtis Emerson Lemay. Despite these FACTS the general public remains unaware of their efforts, these individuals have no government endorsement and or faculty support. As a result this clean and cheap weather modification technology has remained neglected, the droughts, fires, smog and hurricanes continue. The following information is required to illustrate certain cases which prove neglect by bureaucrats, governments and faculties regarding the investigation of this technology.

Panacea made this production as a tribute to one of the great humanitarians of history, think of this as a type of auto biography, we would need hours to make a complete one.

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